Sunday, 12 June 2011

Am I Bovvered?

Is ex PM Tony Blair really bovvered?
Tony Blair likes the limelight and maybe the world would've been a safer place if he'd been a musician. I think Tony Blair PM will be remembered as the worst Prime Minister in history. I don't think Tony Blair is bovvered because he doesn't see it.

Did Tony Blair's premiership demonstrate the UK isn't a real democracy?

How could Tony Blair go to war when most of the population didn't agree to it? It looks like lies and deception were enough to swing Parliament.

Why are criminals dealt with so lightly that murderers and paedophiles are likely to walk the streets again? This is despite the majority of people wanting life to mean life and stronger sentences handed down for other crimes.

Why do the human rights of the most fowl types override decent law abiding people? Terrorists, paedophiles, murderers, etc, cost millions of pounds in legal aid and court costs for a technical human right issue while people die because a health authority can't afford the latest cancer treatment.
Tony Blair PM
How could a government have a secret agenda to allow mass Immigration and allow a failed multicultural policy to decimate the economy and traditional culture in many parts of the UK without the sanction of the electorate?
Tony Blair PM
Why do we have intensive European integration and laws passed through the back door? Both Tony Blair PM and Gordon Brown PM refused the public vote on the Lisbon Treaty because they thought it would be rejected.
Tony Blair PM
How could Gordon Brown become Prime Minister without winning a general election?

Arguably, Tony Blair is more responsible for our problems then any other Prime Minister, and he helped to make the world a more dangerous place by illegally invading Iraq.
Tony Blair PM
Is David Cameron any different? He was quick to commit our forces to Libya. The trouble is all our Prime Ministers want to be world leaders. I'd like him to concentrate on this country's problems and bring the troops home. Let's have a vote on it!
Tony Blair PM
Do we live in a democracy? If Tony Blair did one good thing it was demonstrate in the UK the will of the majority doesn't count and that's as true today as ever.